Sunday, November 7, 2010

I suck...

So I haven't posted in a long time...
Wow, are you kidding me? I'm so pathetic, hahaha!

A lot has happen since April though, I've been on and off with youtube and I'm truly sorry for that!
Youtube is a fun thing for me, and I feel like people on here are ruining it for a lot of people. That is why I've been not knowing what to do about this whole situation.
I have met SO many unbelievable people on here that I will never ever forget. Especially one person, Maddie. She's is my best friend, and I love her lots! I tell her everything and I'm closer to her then some of my friends in real life.
Some people may think that's weird, but I don't at all. She's an awesome girl and I will hopefully get to meet her in real life, SOON!


Besides Maddie, I've met other wonderful people on here too! Too many to name honestly, but you all know who you are <3
But then you have others, not mentioning names (but you probably all know who I'm talking about), THAT RUIN IT FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. Youtube is suppose to be for fun, not all this drama.
But whatever, I just do my thing and stay out of it :)

As I speak now, I'm finishing off these whitestrips that I purchased back when I started this blog. I wish I knew how to finish something, when I start it... haha oh well! I have 6 strips left. So it'll make a difference, hopefully :)
Also, while I'm writing this, I'm watching the EMA's! Love them! I started watching them half way through though, but hey it's better then not watching them at all!

Katy Perry is just oh so gorgeous, and her new single Firework is seriously inspiring. She's such a great artist, and the video is really good too!

Anyways, I think this is long enough. I'll HOPEFULLY update this more often!

Love always,
Ashley :)