Saturday, February 6, 2010

Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal

Hi guys!
So I ventured into buying the newer version of the Crest White Strips since I tried the original ones before, but didn't like them at all. I thought the taste was gross, and they slipped all over my teeth and just didn't work very well at all. But, I had heard good things about these newer ones, so I thought "Why not?" and went to purchase them at Wal-Mart. At my Wal-Mart I got them for (Canadian) $33.97 (approx. ..I might be off by a few cents!) Which I thought was great!

I decided to start the process that night on the 3rd, and I put them on for the 30 minutes. The new improvements were great, they stuck very well to my teeth, and didn't slip around like the old ones and they didn't have a bad taste! (YAY!!) Anyways, so I was loving this, I took them off and I could already see a bit of a difference :)

Here's Day 1 Before & After Pictures



When I woke up in the morning, my teeth felt a little bit sensitive, but not too bad, compared to the original, it was bad at all. Throughout the day, I felt a bit of sharp pain in my front teeth, but nothing that wasn't manageable. So I went on and did them again that night.

Here's Day 2!



When I woke up the next morning (Day 3), my teeth weren't bad at all, so again, I went on to do them that night!

Yet again, here's the before and after pictures for Day 3 :)



So that is so far, 3 days. By the third day, you're suppose to see a difference, and I most definitely do! What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments! If this is only the 3rd day, I can't wait to see the 14th! I love this products, it's great and way better then the original! And for the price, I think it's totally worth it (So far anyway!!)

I'll post a new one of these every 3rd or so day, I hope you guys enjoyed :)

Lots of love,
Ashley :)

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