Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh no!

So, what did I guys tell you?
Guess who stopped doing there whitestrips?
I'm sorry guys, they worked wonders! If they did this... then why did I stop? Truth is, I just got lazy! But, prom, my dance concert AND summer is coming up and I don't want yellow-ish stained teeth! So I'm going to continue with them, and when I'm done with the rest I got left (6 or 7 days) I'm going to repurchase!
These whitestrips were not like the other ones I've tried, which were the original. Which, in my last post I stated, I HATED! They were horrible. They tasted disgusting, they slipped around, and they were a just pain in the hole! But, these new ones were great and taking pictures really did show me the difference! Plus, I got compliments in my videos that my teeth even looked whiter to you guys! I was SO happy.

Also, since my last blogpost! I've started "working out", well sort of!
I've been getting on the treadmill, and doing the "Fat Blast" now, I know I'm not fat, I just wanted to get my leg muscles and what not all toned up for dance and whatnot.
Fat Blast is a 35 minute workout, that just uses the incline on the treadmill and it's NOT running (because I HATE RUNNING, ew) anyways, it's just walking and it's a great workout! It makes me feel great.
Now, I've been doing this early afternoon all week, since I've been off for break. I'm hoping to keep the treadmill thing up during school, so I may start waking up a bit earlier, or maybe I'll do it in the night time! Who knows, because where I got so much dancing, sometimes I'm tired to do things when I get home!

Anyways, I'm going to try and update this blog more often, because heck, I like writing :)

Love you guys :)

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