Friday, April 9, 2010

Hey guys!

So I have a little while before I have to go pick my dad up at the airport, so I thought I'd blog! I'm so excited for summer, I can't wait! We're getting a pool and everything next month, so that is verrrry exciting. We were suppose to get it last year, but the wrong stuff came in, so now we got all the stuff and it's going to be put in next month! YAY!

Here, where I live, we don't get off school till the last part of June (like the 20 something...) ridiculous, I KNOW! But, hey? What can I do... I always leave early anyways (as you guys see from twitter, can you say SCHOLAR)!
May is an exciting month, to start off, last year, on May 1st I got my license and for the first year you have stupid restrictions on the car where you can't drive the car past midnight, for a full year! Which is stupid, in my opinion, but that's ok, mine's almost up! (So now I can make those late night runs to McDonald's) hahahaha, I kid... I'm such a fatass when it comes to food. Also in May, is my dance concert, which I'm excited for, it should be fun! Prom aswell, is in May... but I'm not overly excited for that, none of my friends are. I guess as it gets closer I will be excited, but now? Nope.

I don't know if you guys have been paying attention to my tweets, or my follow me around videos, BUT I have been tanning. You probably can't notice in my videos since it's always weird lighting, but I'm seeing a difference and so are others! I got a few compliments on my color the other day, I was loving life. When I go tanning, I don't get "Orange" but I don't get really dark either, I just get a nice color. I see girls at the tanning place all the time, and they're literally orange. It's disgusting. I don't even want to become too dark, it's not natural looking, because where I live, realistically, there's no way you're getting a tan till like July, no joke. So I want a base tan, so I will tan easier in the summer, but I don't want to be orange. Yick, that is SO out.

I'm sad that my break is almost over, I go back to school Monday. So back into the swing of things. The next long break is... SUMMER! (WOO WOO!) But that seems forever away. Although being in school all the time, I feel like time flies. Seriously, It's already April, I feel like Christmas was just a few weeks ago! Does anybody else feels this way? I mean, when I was younger I couldn't WAIT to be grown up, but now that I really am... I just want time to go slow down!

Anyways, you can leave me some thoughts of your own! (If anybody is even reading this)
Lots of love,
Ashley :)

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  1. omg, yeah I know, I can't believe Im back in college on Monday and the next time off I get is summer...actually, I'll be finished my course! =)
    Time has been going so fast! I wasn't excited for my Debs (thats kinda like prom over here) and good thing I wasn't because I had a good night, but the girls who couldn't wait for it were a little disappointed! Hope you have a great night at it though =D xox