Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank you + a rant :)

Ok, so first to start off this blog post... I want to thank Brooke aka Makeupfunn on youtube for making the banner on this page! She's so creative and I love it! She also made my YT backround! So props for her and her mad talent :) haha
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Next, as you all recently know, I put up my review on Hot Miami Styles today. Now, I know everything that has happened with that company and whatnot, but I thought I would enjoy these products. In which I did. I didn't just positively review them because I got them for free. Why would I even do that? Plus if I DIDN'T like the product why would I lie about it and keep it? If I don't like it I obviously wouldn't wear it, so why would I even lie in the first place.
ALSO, I don't care if you think what I got is UGLY. I like it, and that's all that matters. I'm the one wearing it, not you... so why does it even matter? Everyone has a different style, taste and personality. Everyone don't wear the same thing, that would make everything boring!

It's just frustrating when I come home to see that people are comment with stupid and rude remarks. I don't care if people say their opinion and say they personally wouldn't wear it, that's different. But to say it's just ugly, honestly, why even bother to comment?

Next, sorry for the lack of videos lately. I've had a few filmed... I just haven't had the time to edit them! It's been crazy at school and work/dance so when I get home I'm just exausted and usually end up falling asleep! You guys know I love you :)

This week I got my shoes for prom! I was so excited! Now all I got left is to find a clutch, and I think I found one I like at Le Chateau. It's silver and super cute!

Anyways, just a small little blog post for you guys!

Lots of love,
Ashley :)

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  1. Sorry you got the haters - grr to them! Problem w/ Hot Miami Styles ???? ~ Jeannee, YouTube subbie as 63Jeannee